Prenton Penguins
Penguins Nurseries

It is our intention to:


• Offer young children a welcoming, stimulating, safe environment to support their healthy development


• Support children’s learning by providing opportunities and experiences for them to explore, be active, be creative critical thinkers both indoors and outside


• Foster and maintain good relationships with parents and carers

• Help to prepare and ease the transition of children to the final part of the Early Years Foundation stage at Infant School

• Be aware of and take account of any cultural, physical or special educational needs the children may have - please see local offer below

• Offer equal opportunities for every child by following each child’s unique needs and interests

• Help young children to communicate confidently with adults and their peers

• Encourage children to progress towards the Early Learning Goals as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Above all to provide a caring environment where children are encouraged to experiment, investigate, take risks, make mistakes and have fun!

Aims and Objectives

What is the Local Offer?

The Local Offer sets out what is available for your child in your area if they have special educational needs and or a disability.


The offer includes provision from birth - 25 years across education, health and social care and has been developed in conjunction with children and young people, parents, carers and social services.

At Penguins nurseries we work closely with parents/carers to ensure you and your children are at the centre of any decisions that have to be made.
It is widely recognised that early identification which leads to effective and relevant support, can impact positively on children’s future outcomes.


More information can be found:-

• in the entrance area at the setting

• on the Wirral Local Authority website

• search for ‘SEND Code of Practice’ on the internet

SEND Code of Practice June 2014 Last updated: 1 May 2015

Local Offer